Gift Ideas for Mistress Annabel

Mistress Annabel's birthday is on the 15 September

The art and ritual of giving giving and receiving gifts has been with the human race since the beginning of time. The sourcing and bringing of gifts to please Mistress is something that most submissives and fetishists enjoy. Rubber and bizarre fetishistic items are always a welcome edition to Mistress Annabel's London rubber studio or at certain times during the year a more personal gift may be appropriate, listed below are some of the items Mistress uses regularly and has a penchant for. There is never an opportunity to make a better first or subsequent impression!

Mistress Annabel

Gifts are always appreciated for Mistress Annabel, especially if it is your first time visiting Her London Studio, or a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, or xmas.

:: Dom Perignon Rose Champagne. Click Here!
:: Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne.
:: Black Orchid Parfum by Tom Ford
:: Amazon Gift Vouchers £50-£1000. Click Here!
:: Interesting & Innovative Gags. Click Here!
:: Amarone Red Wine 2010.
:: Chanel No5 parfum.
:: Complex and bizarre rubber hoods from Studio Gum, Demask, and Rubbers Finest (all sizes).

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