The Rules

Whether you are a submissive, slave, or fetishist, you are a guest at Mistress Annabel's private London Studio. This means you will be on your best behaviour and always be a perfect gentleman. Mistress Annabel is a Domina of high protocol and expects high standards of behaviour from Herself and thus others. Bad manners, tardy appointment keeping, or indiscreet behaviour will result in future meetings being declined. It is not enough that you are paying a professional fee for you to act without the maturity of approach that a world-class professional meeting requires. Mistress Annabel does not entertain any dialogue about tributes, deposits, or any other rules of Her London Rubber Studio.

Rubber Mistress, Mistress Annabel, The Rules!

Mistress Annabel wishes to convey this to you, "Allowing you into My world is a privilege and I hope should provide a wonderful insight into a road less travelled. I am an Alpha Female, educated to graduate level, I am well read, and have a keen sense of integrity. I only aim to bring you the very best experience that My studio can provide. Please take the time to read my taboos and limits, below, in order that your application is intelligent and factual. You must be honest about your levels of experience and not exaggerate your limits."

Reigning UK Rubber Mistress, ruling fetishist!

Taboos and Rules

Non Interests

Any illegal acts, intimate body worship, sex, vanilla girlfriend experience, adult baby, bloodsports, hardsports, roman showers, ageplay, racial slurs, school scenes, heavy corporal punishment, cutting, branding, strangulation, choke-outs, hanging by the neck, scripted roleplays, fur fetish, crushing, wrestling, hardcore sadism, smoking, to name but a few.


You will never be part of Mistress Annabel's private life, so Mistress does not entertain applications for personal slaves, or those looking for a date or life partner. Stalking, pestering, either by telephone or email will be dealt with in severe terms. Mistress Annabel is the keeper of all your kinky secrets and dark desires. She is also highly discreet and guarantees your discretion, no matter what your status in life. She believes in the right of every individual to enjoy a private life and this is inviolate. Therefore, NO filming, recording, or photographing of any scene will be allowed. Occasionally, Mistress will accept a request for a photograph to be taken in your session, however this will always be using your own camera/phone and Mistress will never retain any images of you without your consent.

Mobile devices must never ever be on during session times. Noise pollution from the outside world via mobile devices interrupts and devalues the level of attention to detail given to your private session. Anyone who does not adhere to this rule will have their session terminated without any option of a refund. Moreover, those that decide to turn on mobile devices whilst expelling enemas will find their expulsion time greatly extended at the whim of Mistress Annabel. Paying lip-service to this rule and then defying it shows arch dissent for the integrity of the play and the intricate planning involved in any private meeting.

Those that discus private aspects of their play on social media, public forums, or with other Mistresses, without Mistress Annabel's express consent, WILL NOT be given the privilege of a return visit.

Fees are in the region of £280/hour. The minimum booking for rubber or medical scenes is 2 hours. The minimum booking for Serious Kit sessions, or any milking session, is 1.5hours. No same-day appointments, unless you are very well known to Mistress Annabel.

If we are now both on the same page, and your expectations are high, and you have been both cerebrally and sexually aroused by what lies ahead, it is now time to apply to be a guest at Mistress Annabel's London Rubber Studio, and to experience a real rubber fetish session way beyond your imagination with supreme attention to detail! Mistress Annabel chooses to foster longterm relations with all the submissives and fetishists that She selects to attend Her London studio, a warm welcome will be extended to those whose interests and demeanour make them a person Mistress feels intellectually stimulated and interested to know.

Reigning UK Rubber Mistress, ruling fetishist!
Mistress Annabel

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