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Drone Kink Training and Reprogramming

Become an obedient and mindless cog in Mistress Annabel's Queen Bee Hive. Daily or weekly rituals will allow you a safe space to erase aspects of your worldly identity. Mistress Annabel will reprogram you to handle each erotic task rendering you devoid of freewill. Over many weeks and months, from the time your drone training commences, you will begin to crave total control by this Rubber Queen.


Mistress Annabel has acquired the first vibrating sex toy based on an oscillating power tool. The Slubb from Germany is simply unique, for men & women.

Long Term Bondage Weekends

Dates are now available for Long Term Bondage Weekends.

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Erotic Hypnotherapy Training in London

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in a sexual context, moreover in a sexually aroused hypnotic state whilst under the mental control of Mistress Annabel.

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Serious Kit Kinky Courses

A myriad of kinky Serious Kit apparatus, bespoke innovations await the ardent fetishist at Mistress Annabel's London Rubber Studio and Fetish Clinic.

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Additional Serious Kit Overload

Mistress Annabel has recently spent a whole day at the Serious Kit headquarters, picking up some new innovative additions to Her lavish equipment collection.

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Overnight Sessions at London Rubber Studio

You will be accommodated at the Studio overnight and there will be no need to book a hotel for your stay in this intoxicating rubber world.

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Confidential Blog - By Invitation Only!

Private thoughts, feelings, musings from UK rubber Queen Mistress Annabel central London rubber studio UK.

After a period of reflection, Mistress Has decided that Her blog, sharing all of Her most private thoughts, should be open only to those who attend regularly and are devoted clients. Invitations will be extended, in person, at the time of your next session. After all, there should be certain priviledges for those who have made a committment to see Mistress Annabel and serve in realtime.

Much of the writing gives a great insight into the true and delicate feelings, emotions, and sensations, experienced by Mistress Annabel and Her devotees at Her secret London retreat.

:: access the 'Ward 7' blog at London's Twisted Clinic

Private thoughts and fetish musings from one of the UK's finest Dominant Mistresses. Enter a world of rarefied dreams and allow your body and mind to be used as a toy by this arch London Mistress. Mistress Annabel is your rubber dream woman, a real rubber goddess, erudite and intoxicating. Live out your most ardent fetish dreams within this stunning playground of intellect and skill.

Mistress Annabel

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