Latex Dreams

Latex Rubber in the Thinnest of Gauges

Allow your imagination to run wild, while erotically encased in several layers of the softest silkiest latex. This unique experience offered by Mistress Annabel will encourage a sensory overload never enjoyed elsewhere. You can be wrapped in latex, each layer moving like a cool breeze against your body. Semitransparent latex in the thinnest of gauges allows the added rubber thrill of seeing what lies beneath.. Visualise an erotically charged encounter where you see your own reflection moist, glistening, and shiny, with the option or genitals to be on covert display for Mistress Annabel's pleasure. This type of rubber treatment will caress your inner soul and you will feel the joy of totally new sensations, whilst floating in this latex rubber dream.

Latex Dreams at Mistress Annabel's London rubber Studio

...a fabulous new section for those passionate about ultra thin soft shiny latex, from ultra sheer semi-trans rubber to thin exquisite shiny black latex. Check back soon for more information about the wide range of fantasies and equipment afforded to you by Mistress Annabel, Rubber Queen at Her London UK Studio.

Latex Dreams at Mistress Annabel's London rubber Studio

A tiny selection of the semi-transparent latex in the thinnest of gauges available for you to wear here at the London Rubber Studio. Be in no doubt there is semi-trans latex in many different shades and sizes to suit all body shapes and heights; this is for both male and female devotees. Fetish-loving couples are very welcome to enjoy the stunning facilities created by Mistress Annabel.

Latex Dreams at Mistress Annabel's London rubber Studio

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