Bizarre Rubber Clinic

Dr Annabel invites you into Her bizarre rubber clinic, exhaustively equipped to bring even the most complex medfet fantasy and sensation play to life. A real London fetish clinic.

Mistress Annabel at London Rubber Clinic.

Mistress Annabel at London Rubber Clinic.

Mistress Annabel with clinical rubber doll at London Rubber Clinic.

Mistress Annabel with Latex Lucy at London Rubber Clinic.

Mistress Annabel milks Latex Lucy. Both Serious Kit and Venus 2000 and a myriad of pumping and suction devices will suck and milk you dry. Attachments for pussy, cock, and nipples, allow the Rubber Nurse to have full control of your rampant libido.

Mistress Annabel with Latex Lucy at London Rubber Studio.

Total Control for Body & Mind

At the bizarre London rubber clinic, Doctor or Rubber Nurse takes full control of you within your rubber persona and can perform many interesting yet perversely invasive medical treatments. Mirrors on the ceiling make it a wonderful memory. Are you fed-up and want to find a Mistress that understands you and your medical fetishes? As a rubberist Myself, I love the way rubber moves and stimulates sexual sensations whilst moving against my body; coupled with a medical background enables me to undertake your rubber klinik session with skill. This makes for a thrilling journey to your most secret places!

Mistress Annabel's aim is to break down the rubber subject through all kinds of bizarre physical plus mental treatments - sometimes pain and pleasure is used to completely liberate the rubber toy of any inhibitions. Mistress then implants lust and fetishistic desire into the mind and soul of the subject. This sexual desire becomes strong, pure and insatiable over a period of time of Mistress' choosing. Penetration, breath-control, heavy restraint, enemas and catheterisation may take place upon Mistress' sadistic whim. This may consequently cancel your personality, buyer beware!

Mistress Annabel

Sheer latex catsuit overlaid with horse bandages provide the ultimate tight yet sensual latex bondage experience.

Enemas & Colonics

Higgins, gravity led or pneumatic enema pump can be used, lots of wonderful nozzles and fluids for different sensations! Let me fill you up in your most secret places. Secret enema solutions to give varying sensations inside the colon. Retaining, punishing, or erotic. How far can you go? How much can you take? Learn the secrets of erotic retention under the Bitch Doctor's watchful gaze. Klismaphilia beyond your wildest expectations. Many interesting and alluring blends of fluids to give different sensations deep inside. Including the wonderfully wicked viagra enema, which can be given as a final implant before you leave under Nurse's skillful guidence.

Injections & Needle Play

including skin stapling for 'sex change' procedures. Lots of wonderful sutures to sew decorations onto your intimate places! Spinal tap needles, up to 6 inches for scary scenarios! Body modification play is my forte, I am one of the UK's best!

Suction Cupping & Suction Devices

Let's see how HUGE nipples, cocks/pussies can get - especially good for dolls/sluts and those with penile enlargement fantasies - wankers, meet your nemesis. The Venus 2000 milking machine and Serious Kit Milker will drain you dry... your balls will be empty for days!


intimately bonding, yet sublimely de-humanising. Unique and skilful slants on this type of treatment, include urine inhalation, golden enemas, forced feeding. My own custom made DeMask piss-pants allow you to experience my Champagne as and when I desire, whether in bondage, suspension or sensory deprivation.

Urinary plus Naso Catheterization & Bladder Irrigation

really invasive and allowing Mistress's psychological dominance to reign supreme! Urine recycling and forced-feeding undertaken with skill and creativity in the White Rubber Clinic.

Anal Dilation

starting small, and moving upwards and onwards. A speculum laced with hot lube will get this started - a truly wonderful journey. Beginners welcome as long as you are willing to trust me to push you to new and exciting limits. Nothing stale or monotonous interests me, so do not dare darken my door with a pre-scripted session. I am an authentic fetishist and well read Domina. I seek nothing from you apart from your total surrender - body and soul.

Urethral Dilation

using vibrating sounds to stretch you to the limit. A pleasantly painful way to get bigger! Not for beginners!

Additional Services

In addition to the aforementioned services, watersports games can be catered for as part of your medical scene. However this is more complex, therefore email Mistress for further details.

Mistress Annabel


:: Novopro 100 for hypnotic suggestion.

:: Sedation machine for anaesthesia roleplay.

:: Sodium chloride 500ml for saline infusion scenes.

:: Sterile one-use naso-cathetars.

:: Rectal & oral thermometers.

:: Dressings and cold creams.

:: Speculums (disposable).

:: 1Litre, 3Litre, 5 litre, and 6Litre anti-static re-breathe bags (rubber).

:: Bladder inflation kits.

:: Glycerine suppositories.

:: Vibrators and butt-plugs.

:: Dildos: pump-up and strap-on, up to HUGE!

:: Penis pumps.

:: Peristaltic enema pump - pulsed or continuous.

:: Bed-bath facilities, with rubber nurse - hot flannels, bed-baths or ice treatments.

:: Institutional canvass strait-jacket for sanatorium style play.

:: Forceps.

:: Chastity devices - many variations.

:: Double + Single balloon rectal catheters (DeMask).

:: Hospital masks and rubber tubing.

:: White rubber medical bondage including outstanding range of gas masks, some custom made to Mistress' requirements.

:: Venus 2000 sucking/milking machine. The machine will turn your semen into red-hot molten lava, ready to erupt at any moment upon my sadistic demand. Perhaps I will insist on multiple milkings until you run dry!

:: Serious Kit milking machine with normal and electro milkers available in various sizes plus nipple milkers.

:: Sterile saline pre-packed bags for breast and scrotal inflation either 500ml or 1L.

:: Electrical catheters and cock rings, anal inserts and wands to shock you to your core.

:: Anaesthetic machine plus interesting range of gases for anaesthetic roleplay fantasies.

:: Saran wrap (clingfilm) in various widths and colours for full mummyfication.

:: Six different electro boxes for E-Stim and over 50 different electrical attachments for all parts of the body.

:: Urethral Sounds and Dipsticks: both vibrating and static.

:: Saline inflation (scrotal): undertaken on a risk-aware basis only.

:: Medical bondage and traction, or mummification.

:: Anaesthetic re-enactment roleplay: various gases and aromas.

:: Fisting gloves.

:: Bladder washing.

Please note: I do not provide intimate body worship, bloodsports, or roman showers.
No illegal acts! No adult baby or age play!

Mistress Annabel
Open wide for Rubber Nurse at the London Rubber Clinic!
Photograph: Peter Felix Kurtz | fetishfoto

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