Heavy Rubber

Erotically engulfed & controlled in multi layers of heavy rubber, inflatable, deflatable, at London Rubber Studio by Mistress Annabel, Heavy Rubber Mistress.

Latex, rubber, gummi, fetish, bondage, serious kit vacuum suits, total enclosure, sensation overload, are just a few beguiling treatments to intoxicate and overload your senses in Mistress Annabel's Central London Heavy Rubber Bondage Studio.

Heavy Rubber bizarre fetishist fantasies are a passion of Mistress Annabel, Her London Rubber Studio allows a wonderland of unorthodox fantasies and latex dreams to come true. Have you ever had a fantasy that no Mistress understands? Do you long for total enclosure and several layers of rubber to be used at once but find rubber Mistresses have nothing to fit you?

Become erotically engulfed & ultimately controlled by heavy rubber, multi layers, inflatable, deflatable, rendering yourself dehumanized at London Rubber Studio.

The gasmask collection is unrivalled at any other professional establishment in the UK. It has taken over three years, working with the leading authority and gasmask collector, to formulate a world class collection from inflatable and deflatable S10 type to the collectors item AR5.

There is a wealth of catsuits, hoods, bodybags, and other attire - many items bespoke and one-off in many sizes and configurations. Allow your rubber-packed skin to be held tightly under several layers with Mistress Annabel controlling you by body and mind.

Mistress Annabel's Heavy Rubber World is different, a world class experience from start to finish, a Mistress who is interested in Her fetishes and luxuriates in the joy of providing rubber beyond anything you've ever experienced before. A decadent delight from the start of your journey arriving at Mistress Annabel's London Rubber Studio.

A twenty meter wall of rubber for total enclosure, breath control and total rubber encasement and complex bondage fantasies takes centre stage as you descend the stairs into Mistress Annabel's secret Latex Lair. Even your most private heavy rubber desires can take place with a wealth of custom made and bespoke variations by well known European rubber-wear designers. A wealth of hoods, pussy panties and torpedo tits and sky scraper posture collars from HW Designs, stunning titty suits and catsuits from Bondinage and many rubber straight jackets, dozens of catsuits, body bags and bondage suits await your compelling gaze by Regulation London and Studio Gum take centre stage.

Become erotically engulfed & ultimately controlled by heavy rubber, multi layers, inflatable, deflatable, rendering yourself dehumanized at London Rubber Studio.

Seventy three different hoods are hanging along this wall of rubber/gummi, all sizes many complications and configurations all selected or designed by Mistress Annabel with her decades of ardent passion for the rubber toy of either sex, bondage fantasies and rubber doll dreams. Feel your addiction growing as you smell the intoxicating scent of rubber fill the air.

The Serious Kit Vacuum suit with electro variation options for genitals, nipples, and anus or just perverted milking dreams in tandem with two milking machines hangs menacingly ready for Mistress Annabel's command. Two stunning Serious Kit Hoods, with different visual distortions and gag options hang looking for the next willing submissive vacuum toy. Stunning inflatables, vac bed and massive array of hoods from Studio Gum and Rubber's Finest accentuate the options of bizarre dreams Mistress Annabel can extend to the ardent rubber fetishist. This London Rubber Studio is the finest experience available in the UK. Many of the treatments are unique innovations by Mistress Annabel and a creation of Her kinky mind's eye.

Couple this with the stunning play rooms equipped to the max, including the bespoke built Fettered Maze, there is nothing quite like this Heavy Rubber experience in the UK.

Mistress Annabel

This is a Mistress who enjoys total enclosure is a hood lover and gasmask wearing Mistress and has enough equipment and desire to take you on a rubber journey from two hours to three days at a time. Let this show you what you could enjoy in this private studio discreetly based in one of London's finest neighbourhoods.

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