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We are 2 Quinquagenarian, no that is not a fetish interest as we know it! Married with 4+ late teenage children between us, professionally very busy, and still very much in love. However we have over the years become unable or unmotivated to find the time or the space to keep the erotic flame burning brightly in our both our lives, we are either just too busy or tired or both to put in the effort to rekindle the sexual firewood. Whilst we were not into any particular fetish interest per say, we have always open minded to try new things in the past and have, very apprehensively at first and now much much more eagerly, thrown ourselves into the very capable and Professional hands of Mistress Annabel as a Erotic Matre d'ete or therapist.

The results have been transformational in every sense of the word, it has brought back to lives what has been missing for a number of years and made us much closer to one another. Our Sessions now have a very special place in our lives and although we never know what to expect in Session ( part of the experience! Mistress Annabel decides) we now enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Mistress Annabel's Chambers is a safe and 100% discreet place to immerse yourself in your own self need, and a very necessary and essential escape form the pressures of Modern Life.


Thank you for a yet another wonderfully erotic couple's session You were, as always, the Perfect Hostess.

As usual a totally unpredictable feast of directed self-need under your delightful guidance, experience and personal insight.

I have to say, Your assistant excelled herself with the choice of what we should wear under Your skilful direction, The Latex items perfectly complemented Jane latex look camisole and the impact on me was instant and very physical.

For me there was a double surprise, the recent weight loss is really starting to pay dividends, the semi-transparent headgear and thick corset really changes my profile. For the first time I can see my transformation in progress, there is no hiding in latex. It has strengthened my resolve to get back to my goal weight and realise my full transformation. My personal vanity hit 11 as I looked in the mirror admiring the loss of some curves. I tried the gently rub and stroke Jane's arms and camisole. I was surprised that my latex hands glide smoothly over her clothes. Ding Dong you shall both go to the ball. Dressing completed meant expectations were high and mixed, mine with a rampant appetite for adventure and Jane was apprehension.

Before we came, Jane had said the one room she didn't want to ever go into was the white clinic and she was scared of what may happen there. So as the blindfold came down on my eyes you can imagine that the only screams, I thought I was going to hear were Jane screaming to let her out.

I knew in my heart and head that You were about to test her self-imposed mental limits and constraints, and if I am honest, I knew Jane stood absolutely NO chance of resisting Your dominance and experience. Difficult not to laugh out loud inside in these circumstances or to listen intently to someone else pushing through her resistance.

With Jane's defences suitably removed, by her favourite mental de inhibitor, she undoubtedly became open and malleable to going somewhere new.

I absolutely loved my interaction at that point, and whilst I had no idea how Jane would react to an internal electric vaginal simulation, I had high hopes it would work.

The outcome was an absolute revelation!  Whilst in sheer erotic intensity they may be one better night together whilst abiding over 20 years, the near continuous sequence of orgasms, I lost count at about 7 or 8 will be in the memory bank for both us for a long time. I loved watching and being part of that 'moment'.

Luckily, You could probably hear went Jane had finally finished, we had a few more moments sharing some aromas allowing one another to float and relax into ecstasy whilst gently caressing one another. Heaven!

After having enjoyed the intimate simulation, to excess, Jane protested that she is not that kind of person to enjoy that kind of perverted depraved experience. Oh REALLY! Sounds like deep denial to me.

I parted with Your assistant to the Maze, for the next part of the mental adventure.

The body bag with internal sleeves for my arms sets expectation as to the complete lack of ability to protect yourself. The pain of the nipple clamps was very intense, I can't imagine what they would be like with electrics, it took ages for the pain to recede to a tolerable level which didn't require so much conscious mental management. The Mask felt so relaxing and did allow me to try and meditate a little to try and tune out my monkey mind.

I enjoyed fighting against the pain and hoped for some kind of pain relief, which did arrive eventually. Thank you.

Sadly, it was about think time Jane had a bit of a moment and reacted to the aromas or the heat in the room. She is really really sorry and hopes there wasn't too much to tidy up.

Jane gently recuperated on the bed, whilst I tried to be supportive whilst she recovered. I have to be honest here, having no idea of the time of day. I was overwhelmed by the whole erotic ambience of the session so far, and unsure of how or when we might finish off, I found myself in the throws of my own personal DIY Orgasm the rich mental imagery had taken over my impatience mind.

It was 2 minutes later that you and Your assistant returned with the Milking machine, which was divine as an experience, but without a chance of recovery it had little chance of grand encore.

I suspect I had a dry orgasm as I was driven to the very edge of consciousness.

It has been a day of many firsts, and as usual we would not change a thing, aside from Jane not throwing up.

The clothing is just awesome for both of us. It establishes an instance sexual rush which is very hard to resist.

We left for the Exhibitionist Hotel which is about as far away as the tube station. Ironically the suite we had hired is also in the basement and the hot tub allowed us both to unwind suitable without having to consider an rushed and unsteady train ride home. It completed the day for us, as we were able to recovery fully enjoy a good meal and a good night sleep before a museum trip the next day.

It has become some sort of ritual we take a post session picture of ourselves as it does kind of capture the afterglow of the day.


A recent review by a very well respected London fetish scene couple, who currently run Rubber Revolution, a rubber fetish event held in in London. Here is what they have to say about their experience. Mistress Annabel hopes that it will convey the thought and measured consideration that has been invested in building this new room for both those visiting and living in London with a desire for a private and decadent space to enjoy their fetishes and adult desires.

Mistress Annabel
Mistress Annabel
Mistress Annabel


Review of London Rubber Studio

Whilst visiting London recently, we took this opportunity to visit Mistress Annabel's wonderful chambers and take advantage of the new couples room.

We are a happily married professional couple of many years, where we never seem to have enough time for each other due to family and work. It's quite a traditional story of kinky guy meets vanilla girl and over a period of many years corrupts her into his fetish of full rubber, with all the tensions and ups and downs that involved over the years. Whilst we try and make time to have rubber fun and games, its virtually none existent due to family, work and all the things life throws up. So when we became aware of the couples facilities we had to give it a go!

Upon arrival at Mistress Annabel's chambers we were met by Mistress, who greeted us and gave us a guided tour of the venue. The first thing that struck us was the amazing attention to detail, equipment, cleanliness and hygiene are second to none. First room we were shown was the medical room, it just looked like a fully functioning operating theatre in suburbia with its table, lights etc etc it's attention to detail was amazing. Second room we were led into what is the black/rubber room of perversion and intrusion (personally my favourite i wonder why wink) with its rubber draped walls, sling and treatment table/gyno seat and a large rubber resplendent with inflatable pieced pussy lips which we were inform was fantastic for stand up vacuum entrapment and predicament bondage play. Then lurking at the side was a pyramid topped floor to ceiling cage that was encased in latex curtains with multi attachment points to connect the electrics for a shocking time and of course the wonderful odour of rubber filled the whole studio. After which we were shown in the couples room, which had a wonderful circular rubber sheeted bed, with amazing tubed chrome supports, which the maid told us were chrome bondage tentacles for multi point bondage and suspension unit for inversion fantasies called "Fettered Maze" the ascetics of this certainly set the seen especially with the attached play implements to some of the tentacles. Lurking in the corner was a pair of milkers, Venus 2000 and Serious Kit which didn't fail to disappoint, nor a wealth of exciting sterile E-Stim devices and attachments, all of which was illuminated by the nicely arranged mood lighting. Lastly we were shown the amazing collection of latex and heavy rubber clothing that was available for clients to wear whilst enjoying the facilities, just for instance about 40 catsuits in various colours and sizes (a lot chlorinated) along with close to 100 hoods, gasmasks, gloves, posture collars, and various other accessories to achieve your particular rubber fantasy.

We were told to wait in the couples room where we would be shortly joined by Mistress Annabel. We sat on the bed and I knew my wife was as apprehensive and fearful of might lie ahead as we waited. After a very short time Mistress Annabel re-entered, immaculately attired in a smokey black semi-trans latex outfit, she immediately put us all at ease with her very friendly demeanour, especially my wife whom I could sense felt a great weight lifted off her shoulders by this very charming Lady. Mistress Annabel told us she would be happy to interact with us as much or as little as we wished during out time at her venue, she mentioned that the most important thing of our visit was for us to enjoy ourselves in such surroundings. Most importantly if we have any questions about anything just ask? This was a level of attention to detail and professionalism that we had not encountered before.

We both got ourselves suitably attired in full black rubber with myself also sporting an S6 respirator. Once I was attired, the maid led me to the black rubber room where I was put in a body bag and strapped to the bench to await Mistress Annabel and her little apprentice my wife. The fun and games began and what brilliant fun they were, we were more than happy for the Mistress to interact with us throughout the entire session, especially my wife who was put totally at ease. We both felt in rubber never never land whilst we were playing especially after my wife had a whiff of aromas which totally put any reservation she may have had to one side. Annabel is not only a Mistress, but a lifelong rubberist as well and it showed, her attention to detail and interaction with us was absolutely brilliant, constantly ensuring we were having a wonderful time, a true Mistress of her craft. This is a must for any fetish couples who are having a break in London and fancy kinky adventure in stunning surroundings. The couples room is a brilliant place to visit where one may wish to introduce the other to their kink. The possibilities are endless. It is both exciting and beautiful to be able to watch yourself in the huge circular mirror on the ceiling. There is also a bespoke suspension system, where on person can be suspended over the other at will, for some intimate interaction, under the wonderful tutelage of Mistress Annabel.

We found that our visit greatly helped us push our boundaries, especially with Mistress Annabel as the Mistress of ceremonies, bringing us even closer together as a rubber fetish couple. The visit put us both on a high for the remainder of the weekend, we are still buzzing with the evening's proceedings, all thanks to the lovely Lady that runs and facilitates a wonderful venue, discretely nestled in London's fashionable Knightsbridge.

Would we visit Mistress Annabel again? Most definitely as we felt totally at ease with a wonderful host in such amazing surroundings.

We looked back at our visit as a gift to ourselves that just kept giving, enjoy.

by Rubbery Couple.

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