Breathplay Fetish London

Mistress Annabel

Imagine the erotic feelings as the black rubber mask is brought closer to your face, the instruction to breathe deeply in and out takes over your whole psyche. The heavy immersive feelings that start to rise within your soul are paramount as Mistress Annabel slowly takes over your body and mind, one breath at a time.

The retinal circus begins; the sweet smell of the 'aromas' mingle with the mask, you feel vulnerable but totally aroused. Emotions and sensations blend to become one as you fall deeper and deeper under Mistress Annabel's spell.

Mistress Annabel
Patient C is tightly bound in a full-body strait suit.
Head restraints are in place, nose hook applied, and cyprane inhaler (as shown) is used to deliver poppers.

Breathplay can provide and exhilarating experience for all levels of fetishists and submissives. Total attention to detail, surgical lighting, mood lighting, positioning of mirrors, and spotlessly clean equipment, including roleplay anaesthesia machines, couple to bring you one of the finest medical fetish experiences in the UK.

Please note, only sane, safe, and consensual play is undertaken. Therefore, no play where the risk outweighs any reward. Do not embarrass yourself by asking Mistress for any illegal practices or high risk play, such as strangulation or choke-outs.

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