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25th May
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15th June
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6th July
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Long Term Bondage Weekends

8th and 9th June
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Mistress Annabel

Confidential Blog - By Invitation Only!

Private thoughts, feelings, musings from UK rubber Queen Mistress Annabel central London rubber studio UK.

After a period of reflection, Mistress Has decided that Her blog, sharing all of Her most private thoughts, should be open only to those who attend regularly and are devoted clients. Invitations will be extended, in person, at the time of your next session. After all, there should be certain priviledges for those who have made a committment to see Mistress Annabel and serve in realtime.

Much of the writing gives a great insight into the true and delicate feelings, emotions, and sensations, experienced by Mistress Annabel and Her devotees at Her secret London retreat.

:: access the 'Ward 7' blog at London's Twisted Clinic



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