Erotic Anal Play

Mistress Annabel

Mistress Annabel, is an advocate of erotic anal play being a sensational and pleasurable experience, including fisting, invasive probing, butt plugs, strapon play.

The rectum contains over half of the pelvic nerves and is designed to send feel-good sensations to the brain when stimulated. The 'P spot' (prostate) is an intensely pleasurable area for an anal training professional such as Mistress to stimulate, allowing the submissive to reach new heights of pleasure and sensation.

Anal play and the resulting sensations and orgasms are truly intimate a scenario undertaken with erotic skill and empathy, allowing one body part to be inside of another, allowing the submissive/bottom to be as one with the Mistress. Exploring different sensations and erotic heights will make the submissive feel either used as a personal hole by this Dominant Mistress or an eclectic mixture of hedonistic or masochistic pleasure depending on a bottom's own limits. Many of the anal play innovations and skills are unique to Mistress Annabel's London studio with attention to detail whether it be depth play or stretching that is adored and lubes and creams used for the optimum experience. Coupled with mind control or aromas this can be a truly earth shattering experience unique in style, unlike any other in the UK. Mistress Annabel believes all men's bodies and minds should be open to being used in any way that attains deeper and more vivid understanding of how their anatomy can bring unrivalled erotic sensation and thus deep satisfaction to Mistress. Do you your fantasies and dreams revolve around this type of play, could you be ready to be taken further?

There is a stunning massive array, one of the finest in the UK of butt plugs, pad-lockable butt plugs, hollow butt plugs, dildos in all lengths and diameters, and colon snakes, to use you to the core of your being. Hardcore fistings and double fistings can be undertaken during longer protracted sessions. An enema treatment will be required before all anal; play takes place, given by Mistress Annabel in her medical room in clean and sterile surroundings, There is also a massive array of anal electrodes in all shapes, lengths, and diameters to get your back door pulsing, tingling, and moving in a myriad of ways and frequencies!

Mistress Annabel

A small selection, shown above, of the anal electrodes owned by Mistress, which she can use on you at will. There are many more - some inflatable and some in softer conductive silicone - thrusting, twisting, and pulsating at whim for Mistress's divine or sadistic pleasure. Everything is fully sterilised after each use and immaculately clean.

Whether it be vibrators, strapons, fucking machine, dildo, fist, fingers, or butt plug, rectal dilation and probing will be undertaken with complete skill, whether you are looking for the humiliation of complete penetration or the erotic awakening of prostate and perineum stimulation, Mistress will take you to new and exciting places.

Most if the toys are made from 100% medical grade silicone, which can be boiled or bleached, and always covered by condoms when in use, in adherence to the highest level of hygiene protocol. Cold hospital-grade sterile wipes are further used on all anal toys after each client.

The array of electrical anal toys is truly mind-blowing. Many have flexible shafts, which bend with the body's natural curves; some expand by inflations, others range in size from a little finger through to eye-wateringly huge! Anal e-stim can be used in conjunction with other forms of genital stimulation to provide a hands-free orgasm or a truly challenging range of sensations for the ardent CBT and anal masochist. Mistress Annabel enjoys penetrating your anus for her sadistic and erotic pleasure. Mistress will slip in deeper and take you further... Extreme anal fisting and stretching are undertaken with skill and well-earned knowledge. Please allow extra time for an enema as part of the treatment. This is a more hardcore type of activity and is reflected in Mistress's fee.

Mistress Annabel

Dildos, both strapon and handheld, range from small (almost a secret companion) to huge continental-style intruders. Mistress Annabel also has a stunning array of butt-plugs, some hollow for long-term wear, other expandable and pad-lockable for complete anal chastity. Let your back-door become Mistress's toy.

Are you feeling erotic? Do you want to be taken further on your journey as an anal slut? Mistress Annabel will make you feel completely devoid of freewill as She uses your back-door as Her personal playground!

There are all sizes and manner of toys for your erotic anal treatment, from finger-sized right up to the an equine speculum to stretch you to the max! Nervous and novice pleasure-seekers will be treated with skill and integrity. There are proper sterile enema facilities for those who require deep treatments and anal stretching.

Mistress Annabel

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