Untold Things

Mistress Annabel



1. too much or too many to be counted or measured.
"philanthropist donates untold wealth to charity"
synonyms: boundless, measureless, limitless, unbounded, immense, vast, great, endless, inexhaustible, infinite, interminable, unceasing, everlasting, immeasurable, incalculable.

2. (of a story or event) not narrated or recounted.
"all secrets are left untold"
synonyms: unreported, unrecounted, unrevealed, undisclosed, undivulged, unpublished, secret, unnarrated, unmentioned, unstated, unspoken.

Mistress Annabel is a paradigm of female domination, a female supremacist, who invites carefully selected submissive masochistic and fetishistic players to enter an evocative space where the real world is left behind, stresses alleviated, where they truly begin to live in the moment.

New concepts and thought patterns, desires, can be realised through the use of many objects both tangible and aspirational that Mistress Annabel selects to enhance your journey into self- awareness and ultimate submission.

Obedience and desire affect and heighten you fetishistic moods, thus bringing about a total metamorphosis in your submissive soul. You will bend to Mistress Annabel's will. The time spent together will bring an enduring completeness to your being.

Unforgettable fetishistic adventures await both your body and mind; all of which will remain a delicious lascivious secret. Mistress Annabel advocates the knowing, yet having the ability not to share with others, a very special quality in all that grace Her chambers.

In the age of social media and constant communication, discretion is an old-fashioned and highly prized commodity. Everything that happens whilst under the control of Mistress Annabel will remain an untold thing.

Traditionally, that which is rare and treasured has been kept well hidden. Mistress Annabel sees your submission and vulnerability as a fine jewel to be cherished.

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