Gently Bitten

In recent times and, in the light of the covid19 global pandemic, it is only natural to become hesitant about one's forays into the world of fetishes and BDSM.

London Mistress Annabel has decided that there will be selected opportunities for those looking for milder play and softer fetishes to be welcomed for shorter time slots from July 2020 onwards. There is an incredible wardrobe for all forms of sissy play and low level slut training (not slut parties) available with wigs, shoes, and attire in all sizes.

Devotion is the most honourable state of being for the submissive male, and chastity and distance training will subjugate even the most alpha male with the deepest mind-altering erotic experience, rendering the sub/slave/sissy helpless to the ardent desires of Mistress Annabel. Experience a relapse of your horny desires!

Boot, shoes, and heel worship, and remote control toys, allow even the most hesitant and nervous of scene players the delight of complete tantalising submission whilst Mistress adheres to full PPE protocol. Let Mistress Annabel push all of your pleasure buttons and allow your vulnerability to shine in this safe space to drop the toxic male ego!

detailed questionnaire: apply here!