Additional Serious Kit Overload

Mistress Annabel has recently spent a whole day at the Serious Kit headquarters, picking up some new innovative additions to Her lavish equipment collection. Further to this, is a massive investment in a second mkII suit (enhanced electro-panelled) and a smorgasbord or devious new SPT receivers in myriad of different diameters and configurations in order to allow any visitor into Mistress Annabel's secret world a unique adventure of both skill set and fetishistic desire.

Precise treatments coupled with restrictive scenarios, in a plethora of imaginative variations, can take place in both the Fettered Maze (with its large chrome bondage tentacles and huge circular ceiling mirror) or in the Black Rubber Dungeon (again, with strategically placed ceiling mirrors, floating racks, or a huge imposing operating table resplendent with arm restraints, head restraint, and knee troughs).

Mistress Annabel has acquired almost all the receivers made by Serious Kit and also has a wide range of wet suction attachments for testicles, nipples, and anus (many of them coupled with E-Stim).

Imagine the intensity and ardent erotic delight whilst being completely controlled under any form of perverted milking scenario. The Serious Kit machine pulsating and sucking incessantly, drawing fluids from your body, whilst Mistress Annabel controls your mind!

Additional Serious Kit Overload!

Anal 'Rose bud' cylinder probe - with bi polar electro stim - in both 30mm or 40mm diameters are now available at London Rubber Studio. Set your ring on fire for Mistress Annabel's perverted pleasure!

Additional Serious Kit Overload!
Additional Serious Kit Overload!

...keep your eyes peeled for the new uber-luscious milking website, unique to Mistress Annabel!

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