Erotic Hypnotherapy Training in London

Mistress Annabel

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in a sexual context, moreover in a sexually aroused hypnotic state whilst under the mental control of Mistress Annabel. Cerebral orgasms and fetish dreams can be intensified culminating in lasting behaviour modification for the hypnotic subject or errant submissive male by the use of Mistress Annabel's soft hypnotic voice, anchoring the inquiring mind in deeply erotic sexual arousal sensations. Those with a penchant for emotional masochism will be conditioned, broken and given daily mantras to induce greater emotions of submission, loss, denial and pain. Addictions can be worsened, edging sensations and chastity can be enhanced!

Much can be attained when you submit and allow yourself to be held in a suggestable state: provoking mind melting hard-ons with Mistress Annabel as your expert erotic hypnotherapist and Bitch Doctor at Her London Studio. Real time sessions from for this Arch Hypnotic Manipulatrix will covertly condition your mind to crave further lustful encounters. Superb training for Alpha males who need their egos to be re-sized or scheming sissy sluts who crave to become unreservedly brainwashed into fetish bimbohood!

Contact Mistress Annabel to book your session online or in real time. £280 per hour

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