Creative and intense sessions by elite London Rubber Dominatrix, Mistress Annabel, at Her multi room Rubber Studio in Kensington, Central London. Outstanding equipment including full ranges of SeriousKit, Venus 2000, and E-Stim for wet suction, intense pulsating sensations, and utterly unique sessions. Three fully equipped themed rooms await you. A wonderland for latex submissives, rubberdolls, gummi slaves, and polite rubber fetishists. Discretion is guaranteed and expected.

London Rubber Studio by Rubber Mistress, Mistress Annabel

For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

Exquisite lascivious encounters in probably the finest equipped rubber studio in the UK. A special and electrifying atmosphere awaits you, with many many thousands of pounds of latex and heavy rubber to luxuriate in will begin this exceptional journey deep inside your psyche stimulating your imagination and inspiring you to become an ardent devotee in Mistress Annabel's clandestine world.

Please note: there may be small additional fees for medical disposables and advanced breathplay treatments. Stay for one hour or up to three days in this fully contained private studio discreetly located in one of London's finest neighbourhoods. Longterm bondage and enforced bi scenes are of particular interest to Mistress Annabel. Please mail Mistress for further information, including rubberdoll, TV slut, and forced bi parties.

Supreme attention to detail, with privacy assured. Dare to enter Mistress Annabel's hedonistic rubber world, where time stands still and your most fervent fetish dreams and desires can be enjoyed with both skill and integrity.

London Rubber Studio by Rubber Mistress, Mistress Annabel


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